How & Why I Decided to Start Kween Legend

After my second brain surgery in 2005, my scalp became extremely sensitive. The right side of my head was already shaved from surgery so I decided to shave the rest and start over. During my hair growth journey, I found out the hard way that my scalp would never be the same. I was in pain for days whenever I would relax my hair or even get hair extensions. Washing and conditioning even became painful. The pain would be so unbearable to the point that I cut my hair just about after every hair style. Yep! I was wasting money trying to get my old look back. I eventually learned that no matter how hard I tried, I would never look the same again. So I embraced the change and began my quest to find a product that did not set my scalp on fire! My breakthrough did not come until 2015 which is when I decided to go back to school to get my bachelors degree in Business Management. I made a commitment to myself to work towards creating skincare products that would work not only for me but for all types of skin conditions and help others start their business along the way. While working two jobs and going to school full time, it left me no time to manage my hair, so I decided to loc it up. My hair was really thick, and coarse so I had to find something to make it soft and manageable because I did not want to cut it again. After trying so many products, I found myself in the beauty supply store once again in search of something that just had to work for me. One of the employees approached me and pointed me in the direction of an isle that said "All Natural Products". I brought two natural ingredients that night and was amazed at the results the very next day. Since then, I've been using my own homemade products and helping family and friends overcome scalp conditions that many other products would cause to flare or agitate the scalp. Now that you know my story, what is stopping you from beginning your healthy hair journey? If your are still searching, look no futher. KweenLegend "Your Hairness" Growth Oil will get you there! Your scalp will thank you!

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