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With the purchase of a Black African soap Shampoo comb bar

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Welcome to Kween Legend LLC, your one-stop shop for all-natural health and beauty products. I am dedicated to providing high-quality products that promote wellness for your whole family from the inside out. My flagship products include Your Hairness Growth oil which is my number one seller! It also includes ...

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How & Why I Decided to Start Kween Legend

After my second brain surgery in 2005, my scalp became extremely sensitive. The right side of my head was already shaved from surgery so I decided to shave the rest and start over. During my hair growth journey, I found out the hard way that my scalp would never be the same. I was in pain for days whenever I ...

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I Always Use 100% All Natural Ingredients

Are you tired of dealing with dry, brittle hair that seems to never grow past a certain point? Look no further than my 100% all natural hair growth product. My carefully selected ingredients have been proven to promote healthy hair growth, increase thickness, and soften your hair. Say goodbye to the discomfort of ...
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4 Reviews

I love the shampoo soap bar!!!! I had a bad problem with dandruff but I started using the Black African Shampoo Soap Bar and it really have my scalp ...Read more

Nov 16, 2023
Alexis P


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